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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the sources of Water Damage?
  2. Water damage can be caused by several things, including: ice dams, improper roof drainage, downspouts not installed properly, sump pump failure, floods, faulty or old pipes, and more. When you work with the experts at Case Construction, we will identify the root cause to help ensure it does not happen again.

  3. What are some warning signs of water damage?
  4. Strange odor, ice dams on the roof, discoloration on wood, visible leaks, or standing water can all be signs of water damage. If you think you might have water damage, call Case Construction immediately so our water damage restoration team can get started.

  5. How can I prevent water damage?
  6. It is important to keep up on maintenance and check periodically for signs of water damage. Remove ice dams, clean your gutters, ensure that downspouts carry water far enough away from your house, and check pipes to prevent potential water damage.

  7. What should I do after a flood, sewage, or water leak?
  8. The first thing you should do is call Case Construction. Our 24-hour emergency crew will arrive quickly and immediately begin the water removal and mitigation process.

  9. What are some effects of water damage?
  10. Water damage can result in several unwanted consequences, which may reduce the value of your home. Water will damage drywall, paint, and wallpaper, delaminate carpets, buckle and rot wood floors and lead to potential growth, if left untended to.

  11. What does the water damage restoration process involve?
  12. The first step is to determine the source and repair it. Case Construction will respond quickly to remove the water and set equipment to begin the drying process. Our priority is to minimize the damage and salvage as much as possible.

  13. Will insurance cover water damage?
  14. Water damage coverage depends mostly on what the cause was Speak with your insurance agent to clarify what your policy does and does not cover. In the event of water damage, Case Construction will work directly with the insurance company to get the water damage restored as efficiently as possible.

  15. How long does the water damage restoration process take?
  16. A typical dry-out will last 2 to 4 days, but the timeline is dependent upon multiple factors. Case Construction monitors set equipment regularly, with instruments and tools to take precise readings. This confirms the affected areas are drying out per the IICRC industry standard protocol.

  17. How much does it cost to fix water damage?
  18. The final cost is calculated upon multiple variables, including time, extent of damage, and affected areas. Case Construction utilizes an industry-specific pricing software, which is the same system used by your insurance carrier.

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