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How Floods Affect Your Basement

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Flood Damage in Your Basement

Floods can result in several issues for you and your basement. Some effects of flooding are obvious, but other times, the flooding can cause damage that is not immediately visible. It is vital to monitor for the first signs and maintain awareness of potential sources. Water will present itself as stains on drywall, trims, or flooring, and an odor may be noticeable.

If water has affected your basement, a hasty response is required. A matter of hours could bring further destruction to your home. The expert team at Case Construction provides both 24/7 emergency basement flood mitigation, along with reconstruction services to restore you home to the pre-damaged state.

How Floods Affect Your Basement

The first line of defense against basement flooding is often your sump pump. If you live in an area where flooding is common, such as a river valley or near a body of water, it is a good idea to ensure you have a properly functioning sump pump, as well as a backup sump pump system. If your sump pump malfunctions, or you do not have one installed, Case Construction will be there with our emergency response team to initiate the water restoration process, including removing the water, drying, deodorizing the space, and repairing any damage.

Water Damage Prevention

There are several water damage prevention steps you can take to avoid any issues from floods. Check out our water damage self-check and our water damage FAQ’s page to learn more. Some of the signs that floods have affected your basement in the past can include strange odors, visible growth on the walls of your basement, discoloration on the walls, floor, or ceiling, and moisture.

If water has already flooded your basement, call our emergency response team immediately so we can begin the water restoration process. To learn how we can help you with your flooded basement, request an inspection today.

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