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The worst has happened: a big storm, a flood, a fire. Your home is damaged, and your belongings are smoke stained or waterlogged. It can be hard to believe in these bleak moments that your furniture, heirlooms, and appliances can be repaired, but that is what Case Construction and Restoration does every day. We make things whole again.

Furniture and artwork, clothing and electronics, when your personal effects have suffered damage, our contents cleaning experts are here to help.

After the Fire or Flood

Case Construction and Restoration is the company you want to handle your cherished items when a tragedy like a flood or fire has struck. The unfortunate fact is no home is invulnerable to damage. No matter how careful a homeowner is, weather, accidents, and crime happen, and the damage can be devastating. This damage does not have to permanent, however. We can restore your belongings to their previous condition because we have the knowledge, the experience, the facilities, and the state-of-the-art technology to do it.

Our process enables us to take charge and step in before any further damage can occur. When homeowners are in shock and grappling with what to do, we are able to act. We know that the quicker we set the conservation process in motion, the more of your belongings can be saved or restored. The procedures we follow ensure the best outcome for your items.

Taking Inventory and Packing Out

First our trained and certified contents cleaning experts photograph, catalog, and inventory all salvageable and non-salvageable contents of your home. We carefully note the location and condition of these items. In some cases we can clean, dry, and remove smoke, soot, or dirt on site. Items that need more specialized attention, we carefully pack out and transport to our secure Grand Rapids facility where our top-of-the-line ultrasonic cleaning system and curated storage system is located.

Contents Cleaning and Deodorizing

The contents of a damaged home are all affected differently by smoke and water, so our cleaning experts use a variety of strategies to clean them. Textiles and clothing, artwork, and electronics require specialized treatment, so we outsource them to their respective experts. All other cleaning is done in house in a sterile environment, and heirlooms and other fragile items are handled with extreme care. Our ultrasonic cleaning system is capable of removing dirt, corrosive fire residue, bacteria, and odors from very delicate and hard-to-clean items without further damaging them. After these items are cleaned, deodorized, and ozoned, we place them in our secure storage space until we can return them to your home.

Secure and Personalized Storage System

Case Construction’s facilities are expansive enough to accommodate your household goods while your home is being repaired. This location is closed to the public, and your belongings are kept separate from our other clients’ property and carefully curated so they remain both organized and accessible to you.

Full-service Move-back Service

When your home is ready, we use our original inventory of your belongings to move and position your restored belongings as they once were in your home. We carefully wrap and repack your items and return them to the places they belong - as close to their original location in your home as possible. Then the restoration is complete.

24-Hour Emergency Response

Emergencies don’t happen at convenient times or during business hours, which is why Case Constructions staff is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to handle your crisis when it occurs. We operate anywhere in the Greater Grand Rapids area or West Michigan. If you need restoration experts to put your home to rights again, we are always only one phone call away. If you have an emergency need, call us today. We are ready to help make this traumatic experience as short and stress free as possible for you.

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