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Life can be chaotic, and emergencies happen often when we least expect it. When storms, accidents, fire, flood, or crime strike, homes and buildings often suffer structural damage. If that damage isn’t mitigated right away, it can quickly become catastrophic for those structures and cost home and business owners even more money to repair. It’s for situations like these that Case Construction offers our board-up services.

What Are Board-up Services

Board-up services are steps taken to protect the home or building from further damage in an emergency - quick but temporary protective measures taken to limit damage from the elements until more comprehensive repairs can be done. This includes boarding up windows and doors to stop rain or thieves from accessing the building, removing broken glass, and tarping up damaged roofs.

Specifically, when Case Construction gets a call for a board up, these are the steps we take to mitigate the emergency:

To first responders

We ensure a seamless bridge to restoration when you’ve finished your work at the emergency site. We understand where your job ends and ours begins and the importance of securing a property so that your work will not be questioned and you will not have to handle complaints from the home or business owner later. Because we want to be the company you call on during an emergency, Case Construction offers fire departments this guarantee: If the homeowner cannot pay for the board-up services Case provides, it will not hold the fire department financially responsible for the costs incurred.

To insurance agents, claims adjusters, and third-party administrators:

We know that you want your policyholders to be satisfied with we do on their behalf while also being conscious of the cost of repair and remediation. We work with insurance companies to increase trust and transparency and keep costs down while still providing excellent service to the home and business owners.

To property owners:

Many homeowners will wonder if board-up services are covered under their homeowner’s insurance if those services are provided immediately without an insurance agent or adjustor approving the services. We pledge to you to work with your insurance company and to provide you with crucial protective services when you need them the most.

Preventative Services

If you believe that your property is in imminent damage from flood or other catastrophe, we can provide board ups before your emergency occurs, including window and door board ups, garage door protection, and rooftop wind damage prevention. If the storm is coming your way, give us a call, and we will help you save your property from harm.

To all of West Michigan: at Case Construction we are proud to offer services that help maintain order and property values - two things that benefit everyone living in the Greater Grand Rapids area. Our service providers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are in need of board-up services, call us at 616-884-0600. Whatever the emergency, we can safeguard any property until the storm has passed and it can be fixed properly.

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